Midnight Mission

Midnight Mission is the title of Bill Shanley’s new album set for release on February 1st 2019. Original recordings inspired by the excitement and melodies of early electric guitar music. This forthcoming album draws on Bill’s world class guitar playing and ability to write great, timeless melodies and features special guests Ray Davies and Paul Brady…CLICK HERE TO ORDER YOUR VINYL OR CD COPY NOW




Bill Shanley is an internationally renowned guitarist and producer, working with esteemed artists such as Ray Davies, Mary Black and Paul Brady.

“Midnight Mission” is confirmed for release on February 1st, 2019.CLICK HERE TO ORDER YOUR VINYL OR CD COPY NOW

‘Fingerpainting’ – Check out Bill’s acclaimed instrumental album on CD and also Spotify 

Here’s the background to Ray Davies new record, released on June 23rd 2018,
featuring the Jayhawks and myself.



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